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* Communication coaching for leadership development:  an exciting research-based idea generation facilitation technique, meeting management, executive presence, improving communication with employees, listening and questioning techniques, speech coaching, and more.

* Accent modification for bilingual/multilingual professionals, in research, sales, , experts who appear in the media, medicine, engineering,  and other fields.  In some cases, 1-3 day seminars  in Durham, NC   can be arranged for individuals and groups who prefer in-person coaching before attending meetings in the USA.

*Diction coaching for native American English speakers, which is especially recommended for members of the media, public speakers, and pod-casters. This also includes coaching in learning to speak slower, if needed.

* Public speaking instruction for both beginning and experienced speakers. Make your audience's first impression of you a great impression!

*Special communication skills not listed here, such as coaching in how to talk to supervisors and other authority figures more effectively.

* Job interview coaching

* E-books and one soft-cover book on public speaking, executive communication skills,  making small talk, diction, speaking more slowly, sales and customer service, coping with a hearing impairment, and Alternative Career Options for Speech-Language Pathologists. The e--books and the one soft-cover book are listed below with details and prices. (The price quoted for Alternative Career Options for SLPs below includes shipping to addresses in the USA.)