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An idea-generating session


Special Event! American English Pronunciation Improvement for Bilingual Professionals Seminar October 12 - 13, 2019 in Durham, NC (USA).  October 12th 9 AM - 4 PM, October 13 8 AM - 12 noon. Learn what errors you are making and get expert coaching in improving your pronunciation. through a customized program. Only 4 attendees will be accepted. A follow-up program and materials are included. The fee of $1200 may be paid by your company as professional development. Enroll by September 20th by clicking the "contact us" button. This course in now closed to further enrollment,. Contact us about individual coaching instead!

* Communication coaching for leadership development:  an exciting research-based idea generation facilitation technique, meeting management, executive presence, improving communication with employees, listening and questioning techniques, speech coaching, and more.

* Accent modification for bilingual/multilingual professionals, in research, sales, , experts who appear in the media, medicine, engineering,  and other fields.  In some cases, 1-3 day seminars  in Durham, NC   can be arranged for individuals and groups who prefer in-person coaching before attending meetings in the USA.

*Diction coaching for native American English speakers, which is especially recommended for members of the media, public speakers, and pod-casters. This also includes coaching in learning to speak slower, if needed.

* Public speaking instruction for both beginning and experienced speakers. Make your audience's first impression of you a great impression!

*Special communication skills not listed here, such as coaching in how to talk to supervisors and other authority figures more effective

* E-books and one soft-cover book on public speaking, executive communication skills,  making small talk, diction, speaking more slowly, sales and customer service, coping with a hearing impairment, and Alternative Career Options for Speech-Language Pathologists. The e--books and the one soft-cover book are listed below with details and prices. (The price quoted for Alternative Career Options for SLPs below includes shipping to addresses in the USA.)